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"His blog is a fun combination of honest product and restaurant reviews mixed with recipes, most of which are easy enough for kids to make with a little help from a parent."

A Day of Gluten-Free, Kid-Approved Recipes, From a Kid

“Max shares his story and a lovely pasta recipe! Max the Gluten Free Kid might be Delight’s youngest Featured Blogger to date, but his website ranks amongst the best out there!”

Delight’s Gluten-Free Blogger Of The Week

“These school lunches are some of my favorites. They’re great for anyone who has gluten or dairy allergies, but also for anyone who eats healthy but still wants lots of flavor.”

Gluten-Free Back-to-School Lunches, by a Kid, for Kids

“This mac and cheese was one of our favorites: with just six ingredients, this is super quick and easy to make and the best part? It’s vegan and GF!”

Gluten Free Goodness: 20 Tasty Gluten Free Recipes

“Ce petit Américain a crée un blog pour partager avec d’autres enfants sa vie sans gluten: The gluten free kid. Monotone, compliquée? Pas du tout!”

Max, 8 ans et son blog: The gluten free kid!

“Max recently added gluten-free product reviews to the website. Both these and his restaurant reviews are written in the fresh, simple voice of a child, making them easy to relate to for others his age.”

Kids do the darndest things